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AMV Tributes site updates

Posted by EvilestDeath on June 8, 2012 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Start listing suggestions here because it is getting near the time to switch to the new site.

In a few weeks minimum by next thursday the sites going through a few changes. The main change is the background will be changing and the sites url will switch over to Or something similar. A mass email will be sent out about the sites new name well in advance but it should retain the same results if Gainaxxx is typed into google or something.

What changes would you like to see to the site itself? I wouldn't mind an imageboard of some type but I can't find a way to really fit that in. I plan for a more up front version of the Forums we have, the addition of a 'music' section to mirror the 'videos' bit and for a new stock of games to be added to the games section.

Place your say now on what you want and if you want to be the one who makes whatever change to the site you want then let me know and I'll enable editing for ya.

Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

Posted by EvilestDeath on March 17, 2012 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (6)

It apparently has a definate release day but the 4th movie dosn't.

October 13, 2012 for a japanese release. This means that Gainaxxx will not be postponed until after the evangelion movies are out. At best next year when the final one comes out I will do a reduxed Gainaxxx using what we have and anything new between now and then or announce a Gainaxxx 2.

So Gainaxxx will be closing its doors this summer and on to A AMV Film and I believe that the next (safe for work) AMV Tribues production will be underway at the same time a AMV Film is going on.

Gainaxxx release

Posted by EvilestDeath on December 6, 2011 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (4)

I know this is already being talked about here:

But the release day has become, not so much an issue but more of a question for us to answer. Evangelion is arguably Gainax's most famous work with the final two films of the Rebuild of the show coming out next Fall is it worth waiting to release right after they are shown to be timely? This would also increase the videos length at least two fold and we are looking at about 40 or so minutes now.

MADHOUSE is definitally next on the list by popular demand but is that something that should be started sooner whild Gainax is holding off or should we stay strong and end Gainaxxx soon for conventions next year? Ether way its still going to turn out really well.

While its being decided I wil be/have added a video ection to help with some submission issues and other irrelivant thigs. Would be or is nice to have a scetion for videos anyways. Also after going to wikipedia and checking for "Gainax" and "MADHOUSE" I found that Gainax is its own company and its own workd. There are many MADHOUSE's from a band to like 5 movies. That might be good for some company name parodies later on.

Expansion Part 2

Posted by EvilestDeath on August 14, 2011 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (5)

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly of the new features this site will have in the near future.

The Good <3

*This site will transform into a new domain when Gainaxxx is out.

*New sections like a section for gaming, on site videos, and a more advanced look is on the way.

*The advertisments (if you are not using Ad Blocker...which you should be, go get it now!) will vanish.

*We will be getting a special merch store that you, yes YOU will be able to make and sell as well as buy items on. (Yeah really)

*The ones who have and in the future do help out the most WILL be rewarded with special privilages on the site that will fluctuate as they help more or less. Including the small stuff like controling what people post, who can stay on the site and who gets kicked and everything from previewing the future submissions to having the ability to reject them with no questions asked. (Think total control, even of the visual aspect of the site itself. Bwahahaha!)

*The entire submission process will be revamped and made easier and better.

*The forum will be organized and I am gonna pretty that bitch up for show. It's looking kinda bland and who wants to sleep with something like that...wait, what?

*See that tab that says calander up at the top right? Well guess what will actoually have stuff written on it soon. If you guessed that then your wrong I hate that fucker, I am getting rid of it. (Naw j/k we will start to use it as soon as we get a specific day that submissions close.) It will include things like where  and what videos will be shown, what dedlines...there will just be a lot of information.

*I will be hireing people (no not for cash) to watch over or run specific sections of the site once it grows.

*There are further minor updates we will be doing but you will have to look out for them yourself. I just don't feel like typing all of them and I think my humor wore off about three jokes ago anyways.

The Bad

*The domain will be another "" account temporarly.

*A donations bar will appear (Every cent will go into expanding the site, I am not trying to scam anyone here.)

*If donations don't work out and I don't expect them to this early in the game, there will be more advertisments. :(

*Nothing will change until we get enough cash to expand. ($6 needed for the first basic upgrade.)

*Anything you sell in the shop will have a portion of the procceds go to this site. Not much but prepare for that. (Maybe something like 5% but don't quote me on that.)

*All merch in the store with any tye of refrence to this site or project will have to be apporved by myself AND Lionforce1337 before it can be listed. But what you sell can not be random junk you want to get out of your room, there will be a guideline to follow of what you can and can not sell posted when the store goes live. (Basically it will mostly have to be anime related or your own creations.)

*A few site rules will be

*Any posting of illegal images (CP) will result in a permaban.

*Posting any type of nudity and/or annoying flaming other members will result in a warning or demotion if you have any given privilages further offences will put you on a "watched" list and from there you will be kicked from the site.

I am sorry about the rules but I got a message over the tearms of service and the repercussions I can face. I will want to see flaming but for now it is considered slander for some reason, I am going to change that because I love to see a good fight or start one myself (see below.) The nudity I just don't want here...yet  > : )

The Ugly ( . Y . )

Lionforce1337's  EvilestDeath's Lionforce1337's bitch titted dad-mom


Posted by EvilestDeath on August 7, 2011 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (10)

Well I was so excited to start this project I failed to see the possability that it would get boring if we did more Gainax tributes granted this gains popularity and everyone here wants to do more. Sure this is fun and when its said and done we will have a great video but then what?

Long story short, I figured that other anime studios should have a spotlight too like Madhouse or Toei Animation. Granted this idea gets more attention then expected, who is up for me changing the domain name of this site later on and starting up an official or something of the like?

Blah blah blah, fun, blah blah blah, you origional few would get special privilages over newcomers, blah blah blah, donations needed to change site name, blah blah blah more stuff and friendship and sappy things like that.

Nothing imediate, but this will pop up again later (after this is finished and shown at least once) but I figured we might as well talk about it now. Is this something WE want to keep alive or should it die off after this is compleat or is it far too early to be askign these questions?


Posted by EvilestDeath on July 24, 2011 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (6)

The site was birthed early this morning. This is the start of what will definitally be a new trend. First a Gainax tribute then who knows what will come next! Probally another Gainax tribute video... -_-

Check the forum and post any questions, ideas, comments...whatever there and look to see what others are up to as well.

I will update the news section here if anything Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren anything SUPER TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN BIG happens around here.